Advanced Insights with Google Trends

Now let’s take a glance at a number of the additional advanced ways in which you’ll use Google Trends to induce advanced SEO insights.

  • Track downward trends
    This graph shows the decline in the United Kingdom search demand for the phrase low-cost flights. this could mirror falling overall demand, however, it may conjointly mean the audience currently has ways in which of finding low-cost flights aside from organic search.

Remember, the trend graph isn’t a precise match for search volume. it’s a delete of a hundred, showing demand relative to a peak.

This graph clearly shows that the demand level for ‘cheap flights’ has declined chop-chop. wondering it, this is sensible. we tend to currently have access to smartphone apps from airlines and alternative travel firms, thus we tend to area unit less seemingly to look for affordable flights.

Also, since Google launched its Flights service, and with folks victimization additional long-tail queries, we tend to not ought to rummage around for low-cost flights on Google. we are able to simply choose the airports and hit go.

  • scrutiny niches, connected trends
    This graph shows the search demand over time for yoga versus cardiopulmonary exercise. in all probability, no surprise that cardiopulmonary exercise, that was huge within the 80s, has low demand compared with yoga, whose quality remains growing.

Think concerning what number of movies and television programs feature somebody about to or talking about yoga. however, usually, do folks cite doing cardiopulmonary exercise these days?

  • Compare your demand with a contender
    There is a transparent upward demand for complete searches for Slimming World, compared with a general decline for Weight Watchers – suggesting contrastive fortunes for every one of the brands.

You can do constant factor, scrutiny your name with the complete names of your contender. See whose name has the best demand. Bear in mind although that any name that’s conjointly a generic phrase is probably going to own a false graph.

  • establish that queries area unit the foremost well-liked
    By querying Google Trends for single question words, you’ll get a concept that words seem additional ofttimes in searches.

As the graph below shows (for United Kingdom traffic), ‘how’ queries out-rank all others, with ‘what’ coming back a transparent second.

This kind of knowledge will assist you along with your content designing. Users area unit additional seemingly to look ‘how to alter a lightbulb’ than ‘why to alter a lightbulb’.

  • realize peak seasonal periods
    Google Trends is nice for recognizing seasonal trends. as an example, within the graph below, we are able to see the seasonal peaks over 5 years for the phrase ‘Christmas party venues London’.

A few years agone, the height demand was in a Gregorian calendar month, however, this has currently come out to Oct, which implies all the nice London venues area unit seemingly to be engaged by then.

Now, all year spherical, folks area unit designing weddings and there’s a marriage fayre happening once per week somewhere within the United Kingdom. However, this trend graph clearly shows that there’s a seasonal pattern.

Demand drops significantly over the Christmas amount, before touch the annual peak within the starting of the year. Despite weddings happening all the time, Gregorian calendar month appears to be the time once the bulk of individuals have a look for info.

This kind of knowledge is helpful in designing a PPC bidding strategy. constant is true during this next example, that shows demand for Glastonbury pageant.

Each year, once the tickets for future year persist sale, folks begin looking. Their area unit then spikes once more once the line-up is proclaimed, with the height being once the event takes place.

  • Compare demand in numerous countries
    English language search behavior isn’t universal. during this example, you’ll see however U.S.A. and United Kingdom searchers behave in contrastive ways in which.

The graph on the left is for US-based search traffic. The graph on the proper is United Kingdom information. This shows that, in the UK, hotels ought to be targeting folks searching for dog-friendly hotels, instead of victimization the phrase ‘pet-friendly’.

  • establish once searchers begin browsing
    Using a precise phrase, with years connected, we are able to see once demands start and end annually. I used to be not surprised to seek out that folks rummage around for a Spanish villa in a Gregorian calendar month, however, I used to be shocked to seek out that demand is significant throughout the previous August.

This could be folks that have simply finished their summer vacation, trying to re-book, or it may well be folks that area unit still on vacation, browsing for next year whereas they’re within the mood to believe additional of constant.

  • Track behavioral amendment
    Retailers note – customers not wish quick delivery, they require same-day delivery. wherever can it go from here?

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