Meaning of “not-set” in Google Analytics

One of the foremost common problems you’ll expertise in Google Analytics is (not set) values. Missing or inaccurate knowledge compromises your ability to realize reliable insights and build valuable business choices, that is that the whole purpose of employing a platform like Google Analytics.

Here’s a fast outline of what you would like to understand regarding (not set) values.

What will ‘not set’ truly mean?

It means that GA hasn’t received any valid data for the dimension you’ve chosen. However, the rationale you’re obtaining this price and also the potential implications will vary, reckoning on the report it seems in.

For Example:
Page titles
– If you’re staring at page views and set the first dimension to “page title”, you’ll wish to stay an eye fixed out for (not set) values. this can be undoubtedly one thing ought to|you ought to|you must} address if you’re seeing this price for pages that rank – or should rank – in search engines.

For non-indexed pages, pages behind login screens or different pages that don’t ought to rank, this isn’t such a problem.

Network domain reports- Network domain reports tell you which of them websites your visits square measure returning from and there square measure several reasons why you would possibly get (not set) for a comparatively massive share of traffic.

Google Ads reports- If your Google Ads reports square measure returning (not set) values, this might mean your account is either connected incorrectly or not in any respect.

Browser reports– If you see (not set) for a really tiny share of traffic, this can be fine. Sometimes, Google merely can’t observe the user agent containing this data. However, an outsized share of traffic (5%+) showing as (not set) means that one thing additional serious goes on – for instance, you’re obtaining the associate unhealthy quantity of traffic from bots or crawlers.

Dealing with ‘not set’ values
Detecting (not set) values and deciding which of them need action may be a key part of web site maintenance. In some cases, these values square measure utterly natural however there square measure several situations wherever they purpose to technical problems that would impact web site performance, search ranking or compromise your knowledge insights.

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